Game of Thrones Spoilers

Thank you to all you ‘Game of Thrones’ fans who evidently never read the books and were therefore totally unprepared for the carnage of last night. I personally DVR the show and typically don’t watch it until Monday, so I appreciate your decision not to explicitly drop spoiler bombs, but to decide instead to cleverly express your gut-wrenching shock, furious rage, and despondent sadness at that one thing in particular, that the show perpetrated against its viewers last night!!!! For which you will never watch the show again. Gee, I can’t imagine what could have happened, through all that subtle subterfuge. Haha. Come on now! I guess I should stop watching too. I hear ‘True Detective’ is good, and there’s no pesky book it’s based on.

Whereas, all of my smug and satisfied friends who had actually read the books may have made snarky comments and even ridiculed me for not reading the series beforehand, they NEVER once gave a single thing away. I applaud them for their discretion and I’d like to think I could be so strong. (though probably not)

As for you first gaggle of illiterate scalawags, I am crushing your head and I will never forgive your indelicate indiscretions. And no, second group, I still don’t want to read the books. 😉


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