What are 10 things that you should definitely do before turning 30?

Answer by Jon Ferreira:

Your teens and 20s are a time for exploring and experimenting, and trying on new hats. You must allow yourself to fail, and don't feel pressured to jump into marriage and family. Here are some things to do before 30.

1. Fall in Love Often: You may date around, fall in love a few times, and hopefully learn from all the mistakes you made. Either way, you'll get good practice for when you're finally ready to settle down.

2. Move Somewhere New: Move to at least one major city, or at least, out of your hometown. People who have never lived anywhere but home are less worldly and familiar with different cultures and viewpoints.

3. Work Several Jobs: Work as many different jobs as you're comfortable with, and try them all on for size. Like matters of love, you'll learn more from failure. It will teach you what job you can love, which job you will like, which job you can stand, and which job you will hate and should probably never do again.

4. Travel abroad: See the world, and learn about different cultures. You'll be a more open and tolerant person, and a more informed citizen. It's also likely you won't have a family yet, and may have money and time to explore.

5. Study abroad: While in college, look for a chance to study in a foreign country. The experience is life altering and will stay with you for life.

6. Graduate College or Vocational Program: The older you get, the harder it is to go back to school and finish those last few credits. It's best if you can earn all (or most) of your degrees before 30. That will give you a head start on your career earlier.

7. Party Hardy: By your 30s and 40s, most people have had it with loud concerts, crowded bars, obnoxious club experiences, casual hookups,  heavy drinking and drug use. Take advantage of your youth, and get all that out of your system. If you have kids one day, it's almost guaranteed your priorities will change.

8. Choose Your Life Philosophy: You may have been raised Catholic, taught not to curse, or maybe forced to eat all your Brussel sprouts. As you reach adulthood, it's time for you to evaluate what works for you, and what you believe. Question God's existence, and decide for yourself. Try Yoga and Meditation. Explore your ethics and what you believe about abortion, the death penalty, the environment, and other social issues. You don't have to choose a political party or label your beliefs, just gather your thoughts into your own guiding philosophy. Accept that it may change, and live your life the most decent and best way you can.

9. Enjoy Friends & Family : As you grow older, and start to have a family of your own, you inevitably see less and less of your close friends and family. Before all of that, go out with your friends often, and take trips with them! Visit your grandparents while they're still with you. Help your parents around the house, and enjoy them while they are still healthy and relatively young. You will never get this time back.

10. Volunteer: There's no better moment to lend your time and effort to people in need than when you are in your teens and 20s. You are still fit and healthy, and can do rigorous work and not get tired as easily. You also probably have more free and open unstructured time on your hands. Several organizations require travel, and that can be fun at that age.

What are 10 things that you should definitely do before turning 30?

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