Trump’s Thugs: An Uglier Campaign Gets Even Uglier


Well, we certainly are seeing the character of these Trump supporters. Yelling vulgarities, spitting racist vitriol, punching out protesters, throwing up the ‘Sieg Heil ‘ salute, and generally, just being horrible human beings. THIS is apparently the way they’d like to make ‘America Great Again.’

Everyone knows I’m a liberal Democrat, but I have many conservative friends and family. I try and respect everyones’ point of view, and really don’t like the idea of invalidating another person’s opinion or censoring their freedom of speech. I’m also not a huge fan of political correctness, but for very different reasons, and I certainly find this kind of anti-P.C. crap revolting. I try to be open-minded.

And yet, I struggle to see any worth or value in these Trump supporters. I am ashamed to share a country with them. And I’m sorry, I know it’s insensitive of me, but I can’t help but wishing people like this couldn’t vote. Naturally, the democratic idealist in me believes everyone deserves a vote, but the human in me rejects all the hatred and violence they stand for AND that their collective vote could potentially destroy all the progress we’ve genuinely made in this country.

I know many of my friends are writing on their walls: “If you’re a Trump supporter, please unfriend me immediately.” I have really tried to reject saying such things, and giving such ultimatums. I think we should all have a mixture of friends, of various cultures and political beliefs. But man, it’s getting harder and harder for me to resist making the same declaration. How can I condone such hatred and violence? All I can say is, if you’re a Trump fan, we clearly have VERY different values and principles, and I pity anyone who has so much anger in their hearts.


  1. You say you’re for democracy then you say you wish these people can’t vote. You sound like a Stalinist party boss.

    You can be ashamed of them you cannot like them. But they can hold their rallies and elect their candidate. They have right to free speech. The SJW has tried to silence these people indoctrinate their children with sexual depravity. They’re a citizen just you. People are worried about islamic terrorism about the migration crisis in Europe. If you want have Mexican or Muslim neighbours, move to Bangladesh or Mexico, don’t have Mexico or Bangladesh come to you.

    1. Another intelligent Trump fan, I see. Bravo! You’re a credit to your race. A Presidential race with about as much class and dignity as a pool of scummy water. I believe everyone should have the right to vote, but I certainly don’t think everyone’s worthy of it. And you’re living proof. So, please vote away. America is better than that. Better than Trump. At least some of us are smart enough NOT to vote a racist and a bigot into the White House. Good luck making America Great Again. We think it’s just fine already.

  2. He’s not racist. You’ve been listening to the race baiter trolls. The far-left does’t support free speech, it doesn’t support democracy. You only want to give rights to those who agree with you, you advocate violence if they agree with you. Even the libertarians like Ron Paul are against you as you trample over the constitution.

    I don’t know what handout the left gave you, but the people who actually have jobs don’t want to give you handouts anymore.

    You support interventionist wars. You support Obama and Hillary who’s policy’s gave rise to ISIS. You support Hillary who said she would let Isreal kill 400,000 palestinians. You support the globalists. You support leftist fascism. How many years before the IMF takes over the USA? You stand for communism, you stand for nihilism, you stand for cultural Marxism.

    Plenty of blacks and Hispanics support trump. Trump won the Hispanic vote in Nevada. Some people have bigger issues than race war. The Republican party is the party that freed the slaves. Trump will win! The silent majority was woken up!

    How can you call yourself an American? Your only politics is identity politics.

    If anyone wants to see where Trump leads us, they ought to look at Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

    The wall works, it kept the mongols out in china. It kept the Picts out of Britain. It kept the refugees and terrorists out in Hungary. Build the wall!

      1. Following your logic… oh, there isn’t any.

        To answer your question, its the same reason you don’t move to North Korea. You do like communism don’t you? Its really nice there, anyone saying anything offensive gets 10 years in the gulag.

        Oh, and by the way you’re offensive. Off to the gulag?

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