For Mary Magdalyn Donnelly

That night I fell into your eyes

Like pools of water I would never have to leave.

You bathe me, and I bathe you, as I am being bathed in the moonlight here in Levant.

As I look up at the moon she loves me, and I only HOPE it were returned.

They say the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. If I am broken, she will mend me.

As I wish upon a star, our celestial orb, our canopy, I ask are we looking at the same heaven? Is it here on earth?

If we ARE star-crossed lovers, I will tempt the wheel of time, and strap it to my back and carry that load as Sisyphus or Atlas.

Because in those eyes, I see the eternal. That undiscovered country…explored as one.

For she bathed me in those eyes, as I bathe her. I see her and she sees me. As I’ve never seen before. Naked and cast from heaven.

If she offers me that apple, I’ll take it. For in the knowledge of our love, we are bathed eternal.

Trapped in resin this mosquito contains the blood of Eden, and I am no longer ashamed. If I am fallen, please have mercy and lift me up. For “the quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven.” For “all that glistens is not gold.” I choose YOU.

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