About Me & This Site



The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.
~ Andre Gide


I crafted this blog in the spirit of a magazine I always wanted to read, with essays, articles, links, satire, and criticism on a wide variety of my interests — cinema, literature, television, theatre, art, architecture, music, social commentary, sports and leisure, art and culture, fanboy interests and conventions, and food and travel. However, I wasn’t interested in brief summaries and shallow soundbites. I wanted to provide the same thoughtful and inquisitive analysis, historical context, cultural impact, and wry sense of humor for each blog entry — regardless of topic.

I’m committed to objectively exploring multiple viewpoints, while arguing fiercely for my thesis. Above all else, I value Truth and Beauty, as the ancient Greeks understood those terms to mean, as well as universal freedom, equality, tolerance, and egalitarianism. I ask questions, seek answers, and sometimes jump wildly, believing the leap is just as important as where you land.

My blog is not cutesy or silly, or flashy and interactive to look at, but I think it’s got something to offer those who identify as artsy, geeky, smart, socially minded, and culturally literate. My tastes vary, but I always approach each new topic with a healthy dose of curiosity, contextually, cultural relevancy, and irreverent wit.

My name is Jon Ferreira, and I’m an actor, director, and educator with nearly thirty years of professional theatre experience, and nearly a decade spent teaching in the classroom. I have taught at both the university and high school levels, and currently teach adult education classes in acting and improvisational comedy as well as run my own acting studio for students of all ages.

I have three degrees in theatre–a BFA in Acting from Emerson College; a Post-baccalaureate in Theatre Education from Point Park University; and an MFA in Directing from Illinois State University. I have had the pleasure to live and work all over the country, including Bangor, Maine, Boston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago. I have traveled extensively throughout America, Europe, Mexico, and Canada, and even lived and studied in a 17th Century Dutch castle.

Since I was very little, I’ve always been a storyteller, but they were rarely my words or my story. Although I had written poetry and plays over the years, I never considered myself a writer. Once I got to college, I soon grew to love writing essays, and did quite well on those I wrote for classes. In the decade I spent earning my three degrees, I wrote dozens of papers, and began writing essays outside of class, on a number of different topics. As you will see, my subject matter is broad, and clearly reflects my diverse passions and interests.

Although not every essay may be of interest, I’d like to think there’s at least something for everyone to enjoy.

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