Female Empowerment

#MeToo and the National Reckoning: Is There Room For Forgiveness & Redemption?

Our “national reckoning” is noble and started with just cause and out of a genuine need, but innocent and good people are getting caught up in its takedown. We have to do better at believing people can change and for people having the courage to speak up and be held accountable for their past actions. I think Morgan Spurlock took a big chance coming forward and saying he could have acted better towards women in the past. That took guts. And there are people who have written him off, and will never be a fan again. I look at Chris Hardwick and I see all his exes defending him against this one lone accuser, and I honestly don’t know who to believe. I don’t want to blame the victim, and I want to give everyone the benefit of my faith and the doubt, but the accused should have rights too. We can’t be judge, jury, and executioner to every person who has said the wrong thing, or made missteps in their past or wild indescretions of youth. Yes, rapists and sexual harassers need to be held accountable, and every offense is a serious part of a larger patriarchy and system of violence, but we also need to be sensible. We can’t conflate the actions of a rapist and someone who makes a bad joke on Twitter. There are degrees. We need to discriminate. We need to contextualize. If not, we are truly lost as a culture.